Barrett - Radford Genealogy

A loving, personal exploration of the ancestry of
Lorne Sidney Barrett & Margaret Leone Radford


My obsession with following my family and learning their history started over 30 years ago, as a project during training for my nursing license. "How does YOUR cultural background impact your health care decision-making?" Hmmm..ok. Guess I better find out the cultural background of my family!

One thing led to another...and another. People and history began to come into focus. Hardworking farmers; brave young men and women that picked up, left home and started a new life; they worked and fought for what was important to them; all of these people came together to this one point in time.

This site is dedicated to all those that came before me; to my parents who cheered me on, encouraging my exploration in history; and to all the generations yet to come, in hopes that they will feel the bug one day!